The Record of the Rocks

THE RECORD OF THE ROCKS Scientists look to the fossil record for the truth about the past, but what story does it really tell? The fact of evolution is supposedly inscribed for all to see in the pages…
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A New Look at Evolution

A NEW LOOK AT EVOLUTION Will something more than physical principles be needed to account for the origin of the species?   Today a great many people accept without question the idea that man aros…
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Life from Chemicals

Fact or fantasy? LIFE FROM CHEMICALS Fact or fantasy? Little more than a century ago, science began to entertain notions of life arising from inert chemicals. Through the microscopes of that time, the…
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BIG QUESTIONS about the BIG BANG When examined closely, the cosmologists’ confident explanation of the origin and structure of the universe falls apart Look up at the night sky, full of stars and pl…
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