Science of Soul

The facts of mysterious source of consciousness.The ultimate anti-material particle rediscovered by science.

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Search for Happiness

Explicit Vedic solutions to the problems of life.

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Posted by Self Excellence on Monday, October 9, 2017

We Have 18 Years Experience in

Retreats & Camps

Experience holistic environment and organic living by visiting farm communities and most sacred and secret places in India.

Recreation and Entertainment

Exciting activities that strengthen team spirit, faith and mind. Cultural events of deep emotional content, involving games, dramas and skits based upon current social affairs and historical lessons.

Personal Counseling

Learn about the interactions, nature and qualities of mind, intelligence, false ego and the real self. Systematic analysis based on universal psychology that relieves the burden of identity crisis, an…

Sumptuous Dinner

A cuisine with philosophy. Offering a transcendental, truly blessed and karma-free dining experience with a wide variety of pure, healthy, wholly vegetarian, international culinary fusion. Food is de…

Traditional and Contemporary Music

Tune in and resonate with the vibrant waves of devotion. The power of sound is healing, profound, tangible and yet mystical. It is the appealing medium that enhances our moods, dissolves material enta…

Upcoming Events

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Our Student Say

Attending the Sunday class has given me an added encouragement to balance my work life , personal life with spiritual life. It a great platform to know more about the science of vedic knowledge and t…

There is so much more you achieve when studying with practices then just listening a theory. You gain knowledge, confidence and for me the best part was finally realizing what I want to achieve in my …

It is a program for inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, peace. It has changed my life in many many ways. Normally at home or at school or at work we are instructed or warned to change something about us w…

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    Lecturers Info

    Stay up to date with all our Lecturers. Only the best quality lecturers are in our team

    Dr. Mukunda Madhava Das

    M.E. (Struct.), M.A. (Philosophy), PhD

    Dr. Mukunda Madhava Das

    M.E. (Struct.), M.A. (Philosophy), PhD

    Vice President ISKCON Juhu Mumbai.  

    Mayank Chaudhari

    M.Tech IIT Bombay, Electrical Engineering

    Mayank Chaudhari

    M.Tech IIT Bombay, Electrical Engineering

    Worked as an VLSI Design Engineer in Megachips Corporation (2.5Years of Experience)